Daniel Levi Goans

Daniel is a songwriter, producer and performer based in Charlottesville, VA. He and his wife are in a band called Lowland Hum. In between tours, he produces records for other folks.

Photo by Serena Jae

Photo by Serena Jae


"Daniel approaches the studio as a place where a kind of transcendence can happen. He believes that when a group of artists are working together, the possibilities are limitless, and I've never met someone so driven and caring in his commitment to the artistic integrity of the project. He is an incredibly gifted producer whose ideas seem to tap into the very space in which the song was born."

-Kurt Schuler, Omen Moth

"Daniel is one of the most unique people I’ve ever encountered. He has an odd and wonderful brain, and his perspective on things continually surprised, challenged, and encouraged me while we created my fourth album together. Where many creative types struggle with organization - myself included - Daniel does not. I never worried whether or not our time was being well-spent because he had spent months volleying ideas back and forth with me beforehand, and each day in the studio started with a plan. But this intentionality and purposefulness does not exist at the expense of spontaneity. While Daniel is indeed extremely efficient at managing and executing tasks, he also has a keen intuition that causes him to approach the present with something that can only be called reverence. I felt safe enough to expose my ideas as they came, knowing that Daniel’s sense of the music went beyond sonics: he had a sense of me, as a person, and never lost sight of the humanity beneath the whole endeavor. Working with him remains one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. - Alanna Boudreau