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Lowland Hum is an art-folk band based in Charlottesville, Virginia made up of husband-wife team Daniel and Lauren Goans.  The duo has toured extensively since the band's inception in 2012 to support their two full length albums and one EP, and both their live show and studio releases have garnered critical acclaim from the likes of NPR, the Washington Post, American Songwriter and others.  Lowland Hum's songs have been described as poetic and evocative, and their arrangements minimal, hushed and dynamic.  Their third full length album will be released in early 2017.


"This music is mostly unadorned and pure, with considerable attention to detail. Lauren's voice sounds refreshing and simple, and Daniel's passion shakes from his head and literally to his feet."
-Bob Boilen, NPR Music

"[Lowland Hum creates an] atmospheric brand of emotionally intelligent folk"
-Matt Grosinger, Nerdist

"Their vocal harmonies are airtight and sweet, their songs shadowy but bolstered by hope and by a shared vision."
- Matthew Fiander, Pop Matters

"This is a collection of private, wistful songs given in shards and blooms, ala Terrence Malick...The words are the true tour de force of this duo, expressing the anguish and mystery of intimacy with austere acuity."
- Alanna Boudreau, Love Good Music



One of the band's dearest friends, Al Brilliant, also volunteered to write his version of a bio of LH. Al is a gifted poet, lifelong creator and the founder of Unicorn Press. He lived with the band for a significant portion of their first two years of marriage and is both an inspiring example of sustained, growing artistic excellence and their patron saint of encouragement. 

Here is what Al wrote:

"Here’s my paean of joy to Thee – all in one sentence! 

Lowland Hum, my dear friends, Lowland Hum, a full but intimate orchestra of only two, a husband-and-wife duo, Daniel & Lauren Goans, whose differences and similarities, parallels and contradictions, will excite your earholes, grapple and mystify as much as explain, yes explain, for their looping lyrics already exist in our hearts and, if we’re the lucky ones, we’re already on board with their Spirit, all that’s left is for them to strum and sing, and don’t they just (!) and with tracks and licks that melt and coagulate for a perfect fit, light and dark, a charisma of  joy and the somber, pop-savvy folk-rock,  the light of truth, and the music–Daniel carved 75 of these clear melodies from 1998–2010 and another 50 inspired by Lauren, then lo and behold they have chiseled well over 50 together, luxurious songs (“Odell”) and sparse (“Pocketknife”),  stompin’ their acoustical tambourine boxes, Daniel’s rough-hewn guitar handmade for him by luthier Bob Rigaud,  more cello than lute, Lauren’s mellow soprano ostinati you can find free on YouTube or one of their collected albums (“Native Air“ for instance), sure there’s more coming and more, the “thumbs up” counter is flying, they’re traveling minstrel players all over the U. S. and soon the entire world, Mars watch out!, the momentum is building, we’ll all be humming, it’s coming, acousmatical soundscapes, Lowland Hum, my dear friends, Lowland Hum . . . "






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