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Shortly after they were wed in 2012, Lauren and Daniel quit their odd jobs and decided to try doing music full time. They devoted their days to singing Daniel’s songs for as many groups of people in as many places as possible. They wrote new songs too, and Lauren stepped into the songwriting process for the first time as Daniel left space for her to discover more of her voice as a writer. They were constantly dreaming up additional ways to combine their creative strengths. An illuminated installation and hand-bound lyric books made their way into the duo’s live performances, incorporating Lauren’s background in visual art. Out of these early collaborations Lowland Hum was born and before the end of their first year of marriage, their debut album, Native Air, was underway. 

While recording in the basement of Daniel’s childhood home, Native Air became symbolic to the two of their integration as a couple. Many of the songs explore concepts of identity and were written in a season when Daniel and Lauren were sorting out daily what it looked like to join two lives and two creative minds together. It was a year of discovering how to continue to grow as individuals while maintaining unity. The album was released in the fall of 2013 and to the duo’s surprise and delight, Native Air was met with overwhelming affirmation. Their work was praised for its sincere lyrics, sparse arrangements and haunting harmonies. They spent the tail end of that year and the bulk of 2014 touring relentlessly across the United States, carving out time for recording sessions in between tours. Their EP Four Sisters  was released in the fall of 2014 with accompanying videos that Lauren made using public domain home movies. 

Now in 2015, coming off the heels of Four Sisters, Lowland Hum is ready to share their sophomore full length release, a self titled collection of songs written during the fast-paced blur of the past year. Though the songs began with one acoustic guitar and two voices, many of them grew in size and scope while the band recorded them at a small studio outside Charlottesville, Virginia. Daniel and Lauren enlisted the help of good friends Edd Kerr, Joseph Dickey and Dan Faust (engineer, bassist and drummer, respectively) to allow the songs the kind of expansion they were hearing in their imaginations.  Lowland Hum was released worldwide on April 14 2015.  The record debuted as an NPR Music First Listen stream.  Following the release of the new album, Lowland Hum hit the road, supported by a rhythm section for the first two monthstouring all over the East Coast and Midwest and continuing as a duo for the rest of the year.  

In the last six months, Lowland Hum's team has expanded as they were added to the Concerted Efforts booking roster.  The band continues to tour in the first half of 2016 while working on their third full length album in between runs.






Concerted Efforts

Mike Leahy // mike@concertedefforts.com


Castle Peak Music

Andrea Matos // andrea@castlepeakmusic.com


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Available now on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/lowland-hum/id973508450 The official music video for "Odell" from Lowland Hum's sophomore album, released April 2015. Directed by Forrest Pando and Zaynah Akeel Pando.

Comprised of public domain home movies from Prelinger Archives, this video, created by Lauren Plank Goans, is intended to accompany Lowland Hum's song, "Four Sisters: Part One." Available now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/174R44f

Comprised of public domain home movies from Prelinger Archives, this video, created by Lauren Plank Goans, is intended to accompany Lowland Hum's song, "Four Sisters: Part Two." Available now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/174R44f

This video, created by Lauren Plank Goans, is intended to accompany the song "Four Sisters: Part Three," by Lowland Hum. Available now on iTunes: http://bit.ly/174R44f Public domain home movies and aviation footage sourced from Prelinger Archives and Archive.org.

"War is Over" from Lowland Hum's debut album Native Air. Album released August 6th 2013. http://www.lowlandhum.com Video created by Lauren Plank Goans Public Domain imagery sourced from Prelinger Archives.

"Twine" from Lowland Hum's debut album Native Air (2013). This stop-motion music video was created by Lauren Plank Goans. http://www.lowlandhum.com

It's hard to convey the sound of two people in love, but Lowland Hum does that effortlessly. Daniel Levi Goans and Lauren Plank are now Daniel and Lauren Goans; they met a few years ago and spent much of their first married year on the road, singing together on small stages and at house concerts across the country.

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"The dynamic range of this 13-song set runs from hushed insularity to ardent expansiveness, alighting on dozens of gradations between. The sunshine-infused pop number "Olivia" depicts lovers trying to steal time together. The pensive, fingerpicked "Rolling And Rolling" ponders the ways that growing up erodes a person's sense of self. The somber hymn "Lautrec" is a meditation on the pain that French painter Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec might have been purging in his work, while the bittersweet folk-rocker "Odell" conjures the flattening emotional burdens his mother bore." - NPR Music, First Listen

"Using only their voices, a guitar, a drum, and a couple of custom-made stompbox/tambourines, they have been known to put on captivating live shows. Lauren has a background in visual art, and the couple has found a way to incorporate illuminated installations and hand-bound lyric books into their shows, further elevating the duo’s performances." - Examiner.com

"Their vocal harmonies are airtight and sweet, their songs shadowy but bolstered by hope and by a shared vision. But where so many folk acts tend towards the spare and the slow—hoping to drag emotion out of us one pulled note at a time—Lowland Hum’s sound is a vibrant one. The vocals on “War Is Over” rise up and out of the track, letting it bloom instead of whispering in the corner of some coffee shop." - Matthew Fiander, Pop Matters

"The album opens with “Sunday,” which serves as both a palette-cleanser — wordless hums, strings and a tentative beat swirl together in a gauzy mess – and a warning: This may not be your typical acoustic singer-songwriter stuff. “Olivia” spikes the verses with bossa nova, but transitions into a more straightforward beat for the pleading chorus. There’s a tough to identify, modern-sounding riff – verging on a synthesizer – during “Charleston.” “Older Wiser” gestures toward something barbed and driving, and the low, tightly-locked and slightly droney beginning of “Lautrec” evokes Nirvana." - Elias Leight, Diffuser

"This is a collection of private, wistful songs given in shards and blooms, ala Terrence Malick. Still, though – the sense of these songs being drawn from a place of genuine depth and experience is evident throughout the album, especially if one reads the lyrics while listening (which, I believe, Lowland Hum would prefer). The words are the true tour de force of this duo, expressing the anguish and mystery of intimacy with austere acuity." - Alanna Boudreau, Love Good Music

"I am an 80-year-old teeny-bopper, whose favorite band is the orchestra Lowland Hum, composed of two soulmates, Daniel & Lauren Goans.  Their magical lyrics, compositions, and performances bewitch and beguile us.  Join me in praising Jahweh for such gifts and such blessings, such ministry as their albums and recitals.  Thank you . . . Lowland Hum !" - Alan Brilliant, Unicorn Press

"Lowland Hum is an enthrallingly American art-pop record in which country-duo harmonies and Atlantic folk guitar intertwines with multi-instrumental Portishead/Mandalay trip hop, and in which songs flick unsettlingly between sports arena scale and backyard porch intimacy in the space of a breath. Lyrical preoccupations (fragmented but lucid) span ageing, the shifting internal perspective of growing and growth, or suburban disassociations; or cover the life of Toulouse-Lautrec in ten short scattered lines.  Sharing voices, instrumentation and production between them, Lauren and Dan sometimes seem to phase in and out of each other (as on Rolling And Rolling, a touching first-person meditation on a boy’s budding adolescence on which both singers take turns to voice his slipping thoughts). Similarly, they move through genres like purposeful ghosts. A song like Jack Of Hearts (a study of the dangers of power and charisma) can begin as a country cautionary, fray into psychedelic folk, clatters its sticks into complications and end up as a layered ambient march." - Dann Chinn, Misfit City

"What they’ve created is one of the most striking, hypnotic, emotionally affecting albums I’ve heard this or any other year. The songs on the self-titled Lowland Hum have an eerie, impressionistic rootlessness to them, layering impassioned, almost desperate vocal harmonies over ambience-heavy tracks that build gradually, becoming more complex and intricate waves of percussion, guitar and keyboards as they evolve, almost like aural spider webs. It’s music that quietly combines a haunting, dreamlike stillness with remarkably intuitive playing, all in service of expansive melodies that stretch slowly outward into an invisible horizon." - Vincent Harris, Greenville Journal

"The best way to describe Lowland Hum is one part Rufus Wainwright, one part the Mountain Goats, one part Radiohead. Lowland Hum is thirteen tracks of rich Americana sound with a modern edge..." - Sarah Hayes, The Current

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